05 May 2010

Picture Redo

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Ok, so I got my photo box set up and decided to start experimenting with picture taking. I don't know very much about my camera as far as settings go. The camera I used for these pictures is digital and has 5 megapixels. I shot all these pictures with the flash off and the camera in close-up mode.

My photo box is equipped with 3 lamps with 20 watt (which equals 75 watt) 6500K natural light bulbs. I have 1 on each side of my box and 1 over the top. I had them all turned on for these pictures. I used a white poster board background for all the pictures.

I cropped these photos and edited the lighting in Picasa.

This first picture has only been cropped, no other editing done on this one.

This next one was edited by using the autocontrast option in Picasa.

And this final picture was edited by using the "I feel lucky" option in Picasa. I have no idea what that really means or what any of the options really mean or how to use them to get the most benefit.

So my question to all who read this is: Are any of these pictures considered good pictures? Would you use one in your listing on Etsy or another online shop? And if so which one? If they aren't please, someone guide me on what to do differently.

I appreciate any help, thank you!


  1. either the second or last one is good.

  2. I'd say the third picture is the best. The first one is too dark, and the second one isn't bad, but looks a wee bit washed out.

    Very cute bag, by the way :D

  3. i posted an answer on etsy. from janeandavis. super cute. love the blog too!!

  4. I think that purse is darling! If it were me, as a consumer, I would love to see someone holding the bag with the straps extended. And maybe a little more contrast with the background so the purse 'jumps' out at me.

    It is super duper ADORABLE!

    Thanks for following my blog!

  5. Great job! You're off to a much better start than I had when I first did my pics. =) Lookin' good!!!

  6. I agree with the above comment, the third one!
    I found a new program also, you might want to go check it out, as I will with Picasa!
    I used the program to do a few pics using the options "frames and posterboard". I like them and have gotten complements on them also!
    Thanks for the tip, and I hope you have a great week!


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