07 May 2010

My Studio

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I recently had the occasion to take pictures of my studio and so I thought I would post them here to share with you. I have been crafting and sewing for so many many years and I have never had a space like this one. I am thrilled to have it.

You can see in this picture that the originals owners of my house must have had the plans to make a 2nd kitchen or bar downstairs here. And that makes me happy! Look at all those cabinets and drawers. I put the shelves on the wall and the ribbon holder thingy. Bad thing about that ribbon, it won't stay rolled up! On that hidden wall there behind the iron I have a piece of peg board for hanging up stuff. I love that nice big cutting surface.

This view is directly opposite the first picture, you can see my cutting surface in the foreground. These are my metal shelf units where I keep my bolts of fabric, my felt, some bigger tools and stuff like the Go Cutter, Cricut and my serger. I also have boxes of scraps there and also smaller cuts of fabric. Just all kinds of stuff there.

This isn't a very good picture, but it shows my work surface here in the foreground. It is a very very convenient "L" shape and it is big and I love it. I made this from planks of wood and 2x2s and covered it with plexiglass. It has cross pieces on the bottom but it is still a tad wobbly. In the background you can see my new photo light box and my tripod. I am falling in love with that little baby! I have some shelf units back there where I keep my precuts and other small cuts of fabric.

Just another view of the room. You can see one of my book shelves back there with some of my precuts on it. There are a couple shelves of books. Don't look too closely, my books are not organized at all. You might see all kinds there, from my critical care nursing magazines to organic gardening and everything in between. Around the corner from those bolts of fabric I have two more of those book shelves with nothing but books. You might say I am a book junkie. It's true. Ha, I didn't notice that until now, I have that fabric on the counter there. That is the fabric I used to make my latest handbag. I will post that tomorrow.

I have yet to paint these walls or put up any pretties, but I'll get to that soon enough I guess.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Love your Studio, so much space and storage. My studio is a small bedroom makeover only 10x10 feet and a small closet. But for now it works. Thanks for sharing. Blessing, Carol Mae

  2. Wow! You are a lucky girl! I'm so envious - you'd laugh if you saw my workspace. Maybe I'll do a similar post?? :-0

    BTW- Use straight pins to tack up the ribbon...

    Happy Saturday!

  3. OH my gosh! You're so lucky! Love your studio. =)


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