22 June 2011

Crochet Flowers

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I really love crochet flowers. I am so glad that they are popular again. They are just so cute and colorful. And they are the perfect take-along project, don't you agree?

I recently made this crochet flower. I used 100% mercerized cotton and I'm not sure what size hook, maybe "F". I crocheted it loosely because, well, that's how I crochet naturally. But I think it gives it a lacy look.

I love the picots on the leaves and the different layers. But I can't decide whether I like buttons on crochet flowers or not. Any opinions?

07 June 2011

Miss Emily Kanzashi Flower Revisited

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I've been working on some items to get ready for the photographers and my Miss Emily Flower is getting a little re-do for the occasion.
I just left off the center flower and added leaves. My daughter, Emily, chose the colors and as she puts it, "it really screams Summer". I have to agree.
You can read about the original My Emily tutorial here.

05 June 2011

Raspberry Sundae Fabric Flower Headband

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I have had a serger for many many years, but I certainly haven't gotten much use out of it until recently. I started working with t shirts and making lettuce edges on stuff. I absolutely love the sweet little ruffles.

I call my newest tutorial the Raspberry Sundae Fabric Flower Headband. I think it looks like a rose but has the colors of the Raspberry Sunday Peony I use for my avatar. These peonies are my absolute favorite flowers, incredibly beautiful.

I used my serger to make this flower, but one can create the lettuce edge with a standard zigzag machine with a little practice.

This particular flower is perfect for photo props for your newborn or your little girl. It is a large flower (just like a peony), measuring about 5" across, but you can make it smaller if you want to. And you don't have to attach it to the headband, but also to a snap clip or brooch pin. It is too sweet!

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