04 May 2010

Back to an Old Favorite

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For some little while I designed handbags, totes, little clutches and wallets and the like. I sold many of these at local craft fairs and Ebay. Some didn't sell at all, but I always got wonderful feedback from my customers and had much repeat business. I had several designs and lots of different color choices. I also made lot of things that I used for my home and to give as gifts. It was such a tremendous time, very very busy working long hours and what an outlet. And what fun!

So why did I ever quit doing it? Well life got in the way and I had to put it on hold. Then about a year ago I was suffering from crafting withdrawals so badly that I had to come up with a way to incorporate it back into my life. I knew there had to be a way to make that happen.

So I rearranged my house and came up with a spare room! Fancy that! So I claimed it and transformed it into my studio/shop. I thought to myself that I would paint the walls and dec it out with all kinds of crafty goodies. But I was so anxious to get my stuff back out of the plastic bins I had put it in that I told myself that I can paint later and after I paint I can put up all kinds of crafty goodies. So that's what I did. That was over a year ago and my walls are still white and I have nary a crafty goodie hanging on the wall. I just got too busy.

I decided to get back into creating at a small level and I started a lifelong dream of having a fabric shop/quilt shop. I discovered Etsy! It was like an answer to a prayer. It was perfect! I opened my shop on March 29, 2009. It has been great but now I am ready to expand a little more and offer more handmade items.

I am thinking once again of my handbags. I am thinking of not only making these again, but of offering pdf tutorials to make my handbags and other stuff. Yesterday I created a new tote bag and today I finished the tutorial to make it. I am so excited about the prospects. Now my head is swimming with ideas.

I think I might wait until I get a few designed and made before I put them in my shop. But I can give you a preview of this new one. I would love some feedback, good or bad, not just on this tote but also on my whole idea of making and selling handbags and tutorials.

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