12 March 2012

15 Minute Scrappy Barrette

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I have a hard time throwing away even the smallest scraps and so I'm constantly trying to come up with something to do with them.

These scraps are only about 4" or 5" by 1/4" to 1". Most would toss them right out. They're too sweet for that. I used some ribbon scraps too.

Well just stack them kinda next to/on top of each other. Wrap thread around the middle really tight and tie it in the back. Cover thread with another fabric or ribbon strip, glue or sew it in the back. Leave it as is or glue a button on.

Trim your pieces as needed. Separate the strips and arrange them as desired. Attach snap clip on the back and that's it.


  1. This is cute! Thanks for sharing this tutorial! I would never imagine this would look cute if I see those scraps, I would think all those should just go all to trash!


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