22 February 2013

Felt Easter Basket

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Here's a cute little basket to make for a special someone. You can make it whatever size you want and embellish it anyway you want to as well.

Here's what you need:
5 squares of felt for the outside, 5 more for the inside (mine are 4 1/2" square)
5 squares of plastic canvas about 1 square less than the width & heighth of your felt square
1 strip of felt for the outside of the handle and 1 more for the inside of the handle (mine 1 1/4"x12")
1 strip of plastic canvas about 1 square less than the width of your handle strip
2 circles of felt with the same diameter (or a little bigger) as the width of your squares
embroidery floss
desired embellishments

Start by making the sides. Sandwich 2 liner felt pieces between 2 outside felt pieces. Make sure all the edges stay lined up. I used 3 strands of embroidery floss to do a whip stitch along the edge. You can do a fancier stitch if you want to. Also, if you want to add some embroidery to the outside do it before joining pieces.

Continue with all the side pieces. Attach 3 sides of the bottom squares in the same manner. I cut a tiny square out of each corner of the bottom pieces.

Insert your plastic canvas into the bottom between the lining and the outside. You may need to trim it a little. Finish stitching the bottom. Insert plastic canvas into the sides, trimming as necessary.

Make the handle by putting lining and outside piece together and stitching along one long side. Insert plastic canvas and then stitch up the other long side. 

Insert handle between the outer piece and plastic canvas, centering it. Stitch it to the plastic canvas securely. Repeat for the other side.

Cut your 2 felt circles in half. Lay the half circle across the top edge of the basket. I used a blanket stitch to stitch them on. When you get to the handle make the stitches in front of the handle as shown. You can glue the lining to the handle at the top.

Now embellish your basket anyway you want to.


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