28 April 2010

Spring Giveaway

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I have been selling on Etsy for just over 1 year now and am celebrating a wonderful year with a giveaway. This giveaway is open to everyone!!

I want to thank all my fabulous customers and all the wonderful Etsy people who have hearted my shop and my items. I also want to thank my blog, facebook, twitter and my craft corner friends. Thank you all very much.

There are lots of terrific stuff in this giveaway and I will be having 3 winners. Altogether this giveaway is worth about $56.00

The grand prize winner will get any 4 fabric flower pdf tutorials and 4 fat quarters of any fabric I have listed in my Etsy shop. This prize is valued at approximately $32.00.

The 1st runner up will receive any 2 fabric flower pdf tutorials and 2 fat quarters of any fabric I have listed in my Etsy shop. This is valued at approximately $16.00.

And last but not least, the 2nd runner up will receive any fabric flower pdf tutorial and any fat quarter of any fabric I have listed in my Etsy shop. This prize is valued at approximately $8.00.

Entering is easy:
You will get 1 chance to win just by leaving a comment here telling me your favorite item in my shop, be sure to leave your email address.
You will get 1 chance just for following my blog. Be sure to let me know that you are following and if you are already following be sure to tell me you are entering my giveaway.
You will get 1 chance by posting my giveaway on your blog, twitter, facebook, etc, just tell me the link.
That's 3 chances to win!

Winners will be announced May 15th.

Fabric flower pdf tutorial choices do not include pdf bundles.

18 April 2010

Spring Flowers, My Etsy Finds

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Well it seems I can not get enough flowers. But really, who doesn't love flowers. I am ready for some blooms out in my garden for sure, but until then I will enjoy them right here.

Here are some beautiful Spring flowers from some talented artists on Etsy. Please take a look.

BOGO - SPRING SONNET,  Sweet Floral Lampwork Bracelet
Spring Sonnet, Sweet Floral Lampwork Bracelet by ShaLayne Originals

Beautiful Wedding Invitation Pillow - Keepsake for the Bride and Groom SOMETHING BLUE
Beautiful Wedding Invitation Pillow by Boutique Pillows

Green Daisy Spring Flower Pillow Toile Embroidery
Green Daisy Spring Flower Pillow Toile Embroidery by Heart Felt 4 Kids

Sun Cat and the rose
Sun Cat and the Rose by Monsters & Cuties

Custom order-----Unframed bas-relief paper sculpture
Bas-relief Paper Sculpture by Paper Noodle

Sunshiny Yellow Flower Necklace Crocheted in Cotton
Sunshiny Yellow Flower Necklace Crocheted in Cotton by Fuzzy Lumpkin Crochet

Classic Amy Butler. Handmade shoulder purse. Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Pockets.
Handmade Shoulder Purse Amy Butler Kaffe Fasset Fabric by Glad Raggz

Mother's Day is coming up don't forget. Wouldn't your Mother love one of these special gifts? Thanks for looking!

17 April 2010

Frilly Fabric Flowers

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I'd like to show you my newest listing in my Etsy shop. I call these flowers Frilly Fabric Flowers. They are super easy to make and can take on different looks depending on how you make them.

This one I made with red satin and red netting and I singed the edges. 

More examples of how different you can make these. 

Visit my shop for the tutorial. Thanks for looking. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post. I will be showing some beautiful flowers I find for sale on Etsy.

15 April 2010

Kitchen Kitsch? Maybe

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I'l like to show you my newest listing. It is a PDF tutorial for making this little chickie pot topper.

I made these and sold them at local shows a couple years ago. It all started when my Dad gave me a similar one and I fell in love with it. I used it all the time. It served me quite well.

Recently my little chickie had to be retired from use. I depended on it so much that I had to replace it and so I created this tutorial.

I think you will find it quite handy in your kitchen.

10 April 2010

Singed Fabric Roses

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This is my newest listing, a pdf tutorial for making these gorgeous singed fabric roses. I used polyester fabric, satin, tulle, and netting to make these.

They are super easy to make and so nice, they would be perfect for wedding decorations and bridal accessories. 

07 April 2010

From My Scrap Bag...Half Marble Magnets

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I found this bag of clear glass half marbles on the clearance rack and thought, oh goodie, I will make myself some magnets.

Here is how I did it. You will need clear glass half marbles. I don't know if that is the correct name for these or not, but for today they are half marbles.

You need some decoupage glue or other glue that dries clear. I used Mod Podge matte finish. You can also have a gloss finish glue too to give them extra shine.

I didn't really know what was the optimal thing to use on the back-paper or fabric and what kind. So I just experimented. Thin tissue paper or decoupage paper would probably work very well, but I didn't have any of that. So I used decorative paper and cotton fabric.

And then you will need magnets. Whatever size you have is ok so long as they can't be seen from the front.

Make sure your marble is clean and doesn't have bubbles or scratches in it. Put a thin even layer of glue on the flat side of your marble. Lay in on your paper or fabric, making sure your design is centered. Let dry.

Once they are thoroughly dry trim off the extra paper or fabric. Then use more glue on the edges. When this is dry you can add your gloss finish if you used thin paper.

Glue your magnet on the back and you're done! Here are some I did using fabric. And then I glued them on a felt flower and then glued the magnet on the back.

Well the pictures didn't show them off too well. You'll have to trust me that they are cute. I hope you try this.

06 April 2010

Sewing Machine Mat Organizer Tutorial

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Brand new to my Etsy shop is the handy dandy sewing machine mat with organizer pockets, pin cushion and removable thread catcher. Well, actually it is just the tutorial for making it. I am keeping the one I made, 'cuz I've been wanting one for some time and finally took the plunge. So happy!

You can read all about it here. This one is made from the Marabella collection by Amy Hamberlin for Henry Glass and it is also available at my shop.

03 April 2010

Blessed Easter

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This will be a brief message to all who visit. I just want to wish everyone a very Happy and Blessed Easter weekend. Now that Lent is over we can rejoice with  renewed spirituality and celebrate new life in our spring season.
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