13 July 2010

From My Scrap Bag...A Mini Message Board

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For this project you will need the following materials:
cardboard~~I used corrugated
fabric~~I used cotton
thin batting~~I actually used fleece, but I'm not too happy with it
ribbon and pre-gathered eyelet trim
decorative buttons~~I used 4
glue~~I used Fabri-Tac and hot glue

You can make yours any size, mine is about 7" square. Start by cutting your cardboard the size you want. Cut 1 piece of fabric and your batting about 2" bigger than your cardboard. For my 7" cardboard I cut my fabric 9"x9". Cut a 2nd piece of fabric the same size as your cardboard.

Lay bigger fabric face down, lay batting on top and center cardboard on top of it. Miter and glue 2 adjacent corners and then glue the side down. Do the next corner and side and keep the cardboard centered and pull the fabric taut. I used hot glue for this step and only burned my fingers twice!

Glue a piece of satin ribbon around your piece, creating a criss cross pattern. I used stick pins to hold it in place until I got it adjusted just right. Then glue ends down on the back. Hot glue. Flip piece over, and readjust ribbon if necessary. Add a tiny dab of glue  where ribbons meet at the crosses, I used Fabri-Tac here.

Glue a piece of ribbon so you can hang it. Hot glue.

Glue pre-gathered eyelet trim around the perimeter, squaring off corners and overlapping the ends. Hot glue.

Glue your smaller piece of fabric face up over all the raw edges on the back. Hot glue.

Flip piece over and glue buttons where ribbons cross. I used Fabri-Tac here.

And that's it. Hope you enjoy!


  1. that's brilliant! i've always wanted to make one of these but for some reason, mine never ever turn out right :( thanks for sharing your tutorial :)
    luthien :)

  2. Thanks for Sharing....I Love this.....I think I need to make 1 or 2 or more.......I see some Christmas presents from this tut.....
    Love Them !!!!!
    Prayers, Bo


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