11 March 2012

Simple Gathered Skirt Tutorial

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This is a super quick and super easy tutorial for making a nice little girl's skirt (or for big girls too), cute enough for everyday of the week. And very simple to change up for different looks, add some piping, rickrack, pockets, a bow, bias tape, some buttons...

I'll show you a skirt with a contrasting panel on the bottom, but you can make it without it.

There are no pattern pieces to print out, just take a few measurements.

1. Measure waist. I'm using 19"
2. Measure desired length of skirt. I'm using 9"

You need 2 pieces for the main skirt piece. Cut each main skirt piece 1/4" longer than desired length (mine is 9 1/4"). The width of each is the waist measurement plus 1" (mine is 20").

You need 2 pieces for the contrasting panel. Cut each piece 6 1/2" long by the same width you used for the main skirt piece.

I used 1/2" elastic, cut to waist measurement plus 1".

Use 1/2" seam allowances unless stated otherwise. Place pieces with right sides together, sew side seams. Overcast seams if desired.

Fold panel piece in half with wrong sides together and raw edges even. Press.

Press under 1 1/4" on lower edge of main skirt piece. Open pressed edge. Pin panel to lower skirt edge with raw edges even and right sides together.

Stitch together with 1/4" seam, overcast the edge if desired.

Fold piece on fold line. Stitch main skirt piece to panel at 1" in from fold.

Press the top edge under 1", then press the raw edge under 1/4". Pin and stitch close to edge leaving a section open to insert elastic. Insert elastic in casing (I used a safety pin to do it).

Overlap ends of elastic and stitch together. Stitch opening closed.

To keep the elastic from twisting you can stitch down both vertical side seams, be sure to adjust the gathers and elastic and make everything evenly distributed first.

And that's pretty much it. You can add your embellishments now. Hope you like it!

If you don't want to make the skirt with the contrasting panel you will need to change things a bit. Cut your skirt piece using the same width measurement, but add 1 1/2" to your desired length measurement. Then just skip the panel instructions. Make a narrow hem at the bottom by pressing under 1/4" and then 1/4" again. Stitch in place.

I duplicated the owl to embellish a simple t shirt. I made it with felt and fabric scraps. Sew the pieces onto the owl body first. I sewed on 2 small buttons for pupils and added a fabric flower on his belly. Then use heat n bond to adhere the piece to the shirt and stitch around the perimeter.

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