31 May 2010

The Li'l Lizzy Hipster

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Several months ago I made a few messenger style bags and sold a couple online and a few more at craft shows. They were a little different, I had not put a zipper in those and they had a flap closure. Here are a couple examples:

This new one has a zipper closure and a back pocket. I made a tutorial for the new one and have listed it in my Etsy shop and it is called The Li'l Lizzy Hipster and you can find it here.


  1. I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for following my blog. I love your blog. You make such cute bags.

  2. These are adorable! Right now I am really into the colors you used in the second one.

  3. These are GREAT bags! I especially like the print on the last pic. By the way, your pics are looking AWESOME!


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