28 March 2010

Coming Soon!

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Within the next couple of days I will be adding some new fabric to my Etsy shop. I think they are beautiful and perfect for Spring and Summer.

This one is green/lavender Flowers on Dots from the Marabella Collections by Amy Hamberlin for Henry Glass.

This green/lavender paisley is also from Marabella.

This one is lemon/lime/violet Cat Portraits from the Cat Crazy collection from Benartex.

And from the same Cat Crazy collection is this Crazy Leaves in lemon.

24 March 2010

My Photos

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Today my focus is going to be on the photographs I use in my listings in my Etsy shop and here on my blog. I have a real problem with lighting. I'm sure that's what most of us complain about. I don't get what people say when they suggest use natural lighting. I have tried taking pictures using only the light from outside and I don't think they look good at all! What am I doing wrong. I think the outside light is too stark and takes all the color out of my stuff. I should have taken that photography class I signed up for years ago. :(

I have been looking into getting a light box to take photos inside. Well I think most of them are out of my shop's budget. I think my next endeavor is going to be to see if I can actually make my own light box. I will be searching around on the Internet for some clues on how to do this. And when I get going on it I will be posting the steps here so others can see and use it for their own photos, provided it turns out ok that is.

As always I am open to suggestions from anybody out there who happens to be reading this. I hope to hear from you. Thanks and have a great day.

21 March 2010


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I would like to offer this Scrunchie and Matching Clip PDF tutorial for almost free at my Etsy shop. It is a small way to say thank you. This will be offered for a limited time.

I have been on Etsy for 1 year in a few days and I have had such a great time and such a busy time. I am just getting started really. I have got a lot planned in the next little while. I think I may even open a 2nd shop.

So go get your scrunchie and clippie tutorial and keep a look out for new stuff soon.

Thank you.

My Easter Etsy Finds

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Today I have decided to feature Easter items I found at Etsy. I think these things are cute no matter what time of year it is. Have a look!

Kitty Egg Crayons- 6 Colors- Easter Gift
Kitty Egg Crayons-6 colors-Easter by kittybblove

Polymer Clay Peeps Charm/Pendant
Polymer Clay Peeps Charm/Pendant by FrenchiesStuff

Easter Carrot
Easter Carrot by handmadebyannepotter

Lilly the Bunny dog
Lilly the Bunny Dog by wishwithme

Easter basket decoration with knitted chicks
Easter basket decoration with knitted chicks by blueshedcrafts

Thanks for stopping by!

18 March 2010

Got Jelly Rolls?

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I have been making these flowers forever and just never got around to making a tutorial for them. I am happy to report that I am finally finished with this tutorial and I have listed it in my Etsy shop
I think these are kinda great and versatile flowers and guess what? They are incredibly easy to make. Got jelly rolls? These flowers and jelly rolls go together like milk and cookies.

15 March 2010

How I Spent My Whole Morning Or My New Shop Banner

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A graphic artist I am not. I certainly wish I knew a little bit more about it, at least enough to do the basics without spending my entire morning making a simple shop banner. Alas, I do not, but I wanted to have a better shop banner so I made my cup of French Vanilla Cappuccino and sat down to work.

Two cups and about 3 hours later I came up with a wonderful wonderful shop banner, but I'm sure that is an opinion I alone have. I was thrilled with my job. And then after looking at it I decided it needed some tweaking and then more tweaking. And then I decided to start over. Well to make a long story short I left good enough alone and uploaded my new shop banner to my Etsy shop today.

I have a free graphic program I downloaded from the Internet called Gimp. And I used the tutorials of some very helpful people that I also found on the Internet. I wonder if there is a Gimp For Dummies, that would be nice.

Please take a look, I actually am pretty happy. I will be learning more about graphic design as time allows, it is fun. I would love any feedback you care to give, good or bad.

Thanks for looking!

12 March 2010

Beautiful Organza Flowers

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I have added another flower tutorial to my shop. I have really been on a flower kick recently, I think I must be trying to get Spring here. These flowers are really gorgeous, so light and delicate. I love them.

The tutorial includes instructions for making this beautiful corsage and 3 flower headband. It also includes instructions for making your flower into a brooch and also attaching it to a snap clip and a ponytail holder.

I think these are perfect for special occasions like the prom or for bridesmaids at your wedding.

06 March 2010

Luck of the Irish Etsy Finds

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Wow, has it been a week already? Well, actually no, because I was late last week. With St. Patty's Day just around the corner I decided to feature some special items to honor the day. Take a look!

Irish Green Shamrocks and Brass Earrings--St. Patrick's Day
Irish Green Shamrocks and Brass Earrings by The Goblet

St  PATRICKS  Day  Charm  BRACELET  Irish
St Patricks Day Charm Bracelet by Rackamoon

Tie Bar  Clover  Shamrock St. Patrick
Tie Bar Clover Shamrock by Antoinettes Whims

gold plated ST PATRICKS DAY four leaf clover SHAMROCK necklace
Gold Plated St Patricks Day Four Leaf Clover Shamrock necklace by sparkleyes

Four Leaf Clover - Vintage Shamrock Locket Necklace
Four Leaf Clover Vintage Shamrock Locket Necklace by Linkel Designs

Make sure to wear your green so you don't get pinched!

Sleepy Little Town of Pascagoula...and Home Again

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My daughter, Emily, was on spring break this past week! Kinda early don't you think? She had a total of 9 days off and we decided to take a drive down south, way down south, all the way to the gulf. I have been to New Orleans and other southern cities, but I had never been down to the water.
I grew up in southern California and going to the beach was a normal almost everyday (in the summer) experience. Since I moved to Missouri I have missed the beach so much. And the sun! My Emily doesn't remember going to the beach in California and my heart breaks that she hasn't had that experience.
Now temperatures are still chilly even in the south, at least for getting in the water. But that didn't stop Emily. She took off her shoes and rolled up her pants and in she went. She loved it! She loved everything about the area.
I looked at the area a little differently than when I had visited when I was younger. It's funny how you appreciate things more when you are a little older and you find you appreciate different things. I enjoyed the beautiful peaceful calm and the white sand on the beach. I saw a man who looked like he was clamming, do they clam in the gulf? I noticed a strange mix of pine trees, magnolias, and various palm trees. I even enjoyed the storm that we had. We rode that out in our RV and boy howdy the wind was so strong I thought we would tip over.
We drove home yesterday. It was an uneventful drive, but long! And now we play catch-up with what we left behind. Emily has to catch up with friends and she didn't wait too long for that, she went to the movies right after we got home and spent the night with her friends. Me, I needed to catch up on sleep after that long drive and am sitting here this morning in bed with my laptop being lazy.
It was a nice experience but there's no place like home!

01 March 2010

My Undiscovered Etsy Finds

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I know I am a day late with this post, but it is a long story. The short version is that I had to go out of state for about a week. I was promised internet access, but I didn't get it until now. And even now it is sketchy. It's amazing, the withdrawals I'm going through.

This week I wanted to featured items that have yet to be discovered on Etsy. These are truly beautiful. Please take a look and go visit their wonderful creators at their Etsy shops.

To you from me floral yellow greeting card by Spring Blossom Design
To you from me floral yellow greeting card by Spring Blossom Design

Black Swarovski Crystal Earrings
Black Swarovski Crystal Earrings by Heavenly Trinkets 2009

Sterling Silver Seahorse Necklace
Sterling Silver Seahorse Necklace by Oceanaire Dreamer

Forest of Charms - Bracelet
Forest of Charms Bracelet by Pleasant Fairy

turkey sandwich
Turkey Sandwich by Baileys Little Bites

Apricot Plum Hand and Body Skin Cream
Apricot Plum Hand and Body Skin Cream by Little BatchBotanicals

All About Eve Cigar Box Purse
All About Eve Cigar Box Purse by Ms Sew Savvy

Origami Japanese Girl Geisha Bookmarks (Set of 2) - FREE SHIPPING
Origami Japanese Girl Geisha Bookmarks by Blossoms Cottage

You must agree that these are some great finds. They don't really follow a concerted theme that I have chosen, at least it isn't very evident. I just chose them because they kinda struck me in some way.

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to look over these wonderful treasures. See my post next week for more great Etsy finds.

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