28 July 2011

Autumn Harvest Rag Wreath

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I have admired beautiful rag wreaths for a long time. I finally decided to make one. I think of wreaths toward the fall and winter with their rich colors.

I used fabric from the Pumpkins Gone Wild collection by Sandy Gervais plus some other fabric I had lying around and even some burlap, which I love in these kinds of projects.

I added some artificial flowers and sprays, some ribbon and voila, a tremendous looking wreath to hang on my door.

I decided to make a tutorial to sell in my Etsy shop. The tutorial comes with basic rag wreath instructions plus instructions to make 2 other fall wreaths. I also include the instructions to make a decorator bow for your wreath. And just in case you really want to make this on the cheap, I also include instructions for making a wire wreath of your own and in lots of different shapes too.

13 July 2011

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Here is a little tutorial I made up today. I had really intended it to be a bit less defined and a bit more scrappy looking, but I didn't quite get there.

Anyway, start by layering 3 strip together. Mine measure 2 1/4", 2", and 1 1/2" wide and are 15" long. Baste them together 1/4" from the raw edge. I used a beige cotton crochet lace, off-white cotton crochet lace and a strip from an Aviary Honey Bun (it's a gorgeous collection).

Pull up the bobbin thread to gather the strip. Overlap the ends and glue or sew them together. Glue or sew a felt circle to the back.

Make 3 rolled frayed rosettes, a large one to measure about 3" and two small ones to measure 1" each. You can find the tutorial for these here in my Etsy shop. For my large one I layered a ribbon with pearls along with my fabric. Again, I used strips from the Aviary collection.

Make 3 loops from 1/4" satin ribbon, one a little longer than the other 2. Glue them together at the ends. Make a couple sets if you want. Cut another strip of ribbon for tails.

Glue them in place.

Now glue your rosettes in place.

Make a bow from a strip of crochet trim. Glue in place and add a pearl to the knot.

And that's it. This makes a pretty big piece. I think it would look nice on a boho or shabby chic bag. It might look nice on a crochet beanie too! I made a Christmas stocking last year using the Aviary collection, so I thought I might use it on it.

Some of you might recognize this stocking from last year with a different spray on it. You can see that post here.

I'm gonna have to keep working on that other flower spray until I get it how I want it.

08 July 2011

Halter Top Pillowcase Sundress

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This is my newest creation, a collaborative work with my daughter, Crystal. It is a Halter Top Pillowcase Sundress. This little sundress can be made using a pillowcase if you want to or with yardage. It has lots of variation possibilities. I have 2 options pictured here. This first one is a sundress modeled by Crystal's precious Aurora. The next set of pictures is modeled by my other beautiful granddaughter, Patience. She is wearing it as a halter top.

The PDF Tutorial is available at Bumbleberries Boutique and Auroras Patterns. And for a limited time you can choose any flower tutorial in our shops to make into a brooch for your sundress or to make a beautiful headband or clip.

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