13 February 2010

Making Half Squares, in other words...Triangles

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Many times a quilt pattern or other project calls for these half square triangles. And cutting and piecing them is sometimes an issue. The problem comes when dealing with the bias edge, it is stretchy and can easily get misshapen.
Here is a technique (I wish I was clever enough to have thought of it myself) that will give you very good results.
Cut your squares out of 2 different fabrics on the straight edge (parallel to the selvage edge). Layer 2 squares together, 1 of each fabric, with right sides facing.  Make edges match. Draw a line diagonally (on the bias).

Stitch 1/4" on either side of your drawn line. When making several triangles just add the next square in line so that you are stitching several in a single line and not stopping after each square. 

Then separate your squares and cut down each one on your drawn line. 

Then open your squares and press. Ta Da!

And so why am I blogging about making triangles? Well it is to show you my bias rolled petal two-toned rose of course!


  1. LOVE it! That is a great flower. I am getting inspired to get my sewing machine out!

  2. how pretty!!! prefect for valentines if you ask me :) happy valentine's my dear fren :))

  3. great tutorial. It is hard to make triangles, thank you for your great tips. Love your blog, am following you!

  4. Great! I just hope that you can also add some videos on how to do that step by step :D


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