27 April 2009

So Much To Do, So Little Time!

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I have been so busy lately. I haven't been able to write a thing and really I should be sleeping right now. I have had a couple mishaps during the past week, things I was going to blog about didn't turn out the way they were supposed to. I guess it is true that "man proposes, God disposes".

I had taken several pictures, display pictures of some of the precut fabric I have for sale. That took a long time to set up and boy howdy, I think I took about 100 pictures, lol. Where did all my pictures go? I have lost them in cyber space somewhere. I had to take the display down because of my little grandson, Xavier. He is just into everything. So, yes, I cried. And yes, I was very upset.

Another mishap happened when I tried to make my very first tutorial. I have taught my 3 daughters to sew, sort of. And I have taught them other crafting stuff, but it has all been by demonstration. When I thought of doing a tutorial I said to myself, "piece of cake". Wrong!! It is so hard to put it into words and pictures for someone to follow. While I was doing it I thought I was doing pretty good, but when it was done I said, "what?". Clearly I need to work on that. And I will be because I would like to add some tutorials here to share with everyone.

I have several new fabrics to highlight here soon, so keep a watch for those.

And in completely unrelated news, I have bought a new riding lawn mower. Yippee!! Just in time too, my yard is looking pretty sad and neglected. As much I would like to use a push mower, my yard is just too big and there are a few gentle slopes that are like climbing Everest when it is hot and humid outside and you are my age.

My giveaway is getting closer!!


  1. oh poor thing! much has happened! but your shop still looks fabulous :)) so xavier is forgiven :) tutorials ARE kinda difficult to put together. it's best to do a tutorial while you are making the thing you wanna tell about so you can actually take pictures step by step as you are making it :) it's more difficult just to put up a tutorial for tutorial's sake :) hey! i'm glad you have put up a shop... i'm so excited for the both of us :) hope this venture turns into something for us!

  2. Thank you Luthien, you are a dear.

  3. I Pray that this week will be a better one. I am looking forward to your tutorials, I know they well be great.
    Prayers, Bo


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