19 April 2009

Sleepytime Burpies

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I just finished this 2pc burpie set. Isn't is sweet? Makes me wish I had a baby, well almost. I used the sweet Sleepytime fabric by Lori Gardner plus some precious gingham and cute little abc fabric. There is pale pink flannel on the back and white flannel between. I will be posting these for sale on ebay tonight.

I have 2 little lovey blankies made with the same fabric, you can view them here and here.


  1. ooooo... now i wish i have a baby! these are so cute :)) and pretty :) you are a fast worker aren't you...you're coming up with pieces after pieces! i wish i could craft as fast as that!!

  2. Those are really cute, the colors are so sweet .... Rag Quilting is still my all time favorite :)
    Prayers, Bo

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