22 June 2013

Kitchen Makeover Update

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I'm not sure where I left off, but I have finished putting all the beadboard wallpaper on the cabinet fronts. And since I can't make up my mind about paint and I'm tired of looking at the mess inside the cabinets, I decided to put the doors back on the cabinets.

I put a bunch of rope trim on too, but still have a few cabinets left to do. After putting it on and rehanging the doors I got a different perspective on the rope trim. I'm not sure I'm all that crazy about it. Sometimes when I look at it I really like it and sometimes I don't. So, I'm going to leave the cabinets the way they are for a few days and then decide to if I want to add the rest of the rope trim or take it all off.

Anyway, here is a shot of the bar area with rope trim and 2 coats of primer. It's kinda hard to look at it in this stage, all chalky. And, of course, after I get most of the rope trim attached, I wondering if I shouldn't have painted it first. C'est la vie.

Today I started working on crown moulding. I added some to a couple cabinets. Here's the before picture:

Here you can see the cabinets with and without rope trim.

Anyway, I started by attaching 1x2 to the top of the cabinets.

I then started cutting the crown moulding. I am crown moulding cutting deficient. I wasted about half a piece of crown moulding trying to get the cuts right. %-(

I used a compound miter saw to make my cuts, I just couldn't wrap my head around which way to cut each piece. I finally figured out a way that I could understand it and everything was fine after that. 

It all has to do with the spring angle of your crown moulding and then setting your bevel and miter angles on the saw. And of course, putting your piece on the saw correctly. What a headache, but I got it now. Here's a link to an online calculator to help with all that.

And I finally got it up there, which was a comedy of errors in itself with no one to hold the other end. But I endeavored to persevere (one of my favorite lines from The Outlaw Josey Wales). I attached the moulding to the 1x2, making sure everything was level. 

Normally I would have filled the nail holes right away, but it's time for a nice long hot bath. I feel like I got beat up. Guess I'm getting too old for this kind of stuff!

The crown moulding looks like it's slanting downward on the right on the cabinet above the fridge, but it isn't. It's the cabinet doors that are wonky. 

Stay tuned, there's more to come. And if you have any suggestions for paint colors I'd love to hear it.

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