05 June 2013

My Kitchen Before I Go Crazy With It

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Here are some before shots of my kitchen, cleared of most everything.

There are several things I have planned for this kitchen. It needs a life!

Here's a partial list:

new tile countertops and backsplash
new paint treatment on cabinets
jazz up cabinet doors with trim
add crown molding to cabinets
new overhead lighting
install over-the-range microwave
new fridge and stove (yeah, right, like I can afford that)
and then there's the life part that cannot be put into words

The only work I've done in here so far is to put a frame and new sill around the window. It's awesome and I'm very proud of the job I did, 'cuz I did it all by myself, with power tools and everything!

And if you are looking in the background, you will see other things. I have wood stacked up and extension cords, etc laying around. I have a throw on the foyer window because I just put framing around it and it is waiting for a nice window treatment. Here's a link to the framing we did on my large living room window.

One day at a time.

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