26 April 2013

Storm Damage 10 April 2013

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We had a storm come through one evening with winds that measured 101 mph. Our town was hit, my neighborhood was hit, but my house was the only one on my street that was hit.

We lost a good part of our shingles, some siding and two large trees. My daughter's trampoline landed two houses down against their fence.

One large tall pine tree was uprooted and fell onto my fence, breaking it. Another beautiful tree at the corner of my deck was split in two. That is such a loss.

When we lost the shingles we got some water damage to the inside of our house. All three bedrooms and both bathrooms were affected.

We had workers come in and tear up the carpeting and padding and the linoleum in the bathroom. They placed huge noisy air moving machines and heaters to dry things up. It was so extremely hot in there. And we were unable to use those rooms, we slept on the couch and floor. In the drying out process, the wood got too dry and it warped in places. Now we wait and see if it can reabsorb moisture from the air and straighten out, at least that's what they're telling me.

Still waiting for the insurance to decide about the roof, since we just had a new roof put on about a year ago. We can't have anything fixed inside until the roof is finished and until time has passed to see if the wood will straighten out.

I'm just thankful that we are all ok. 


  1. Wow that damage looks pretty wicked. Thankfully non of you were hurt.

  2. Thank you Stacie, we are fortunate for sure!

  3. Hello there. How are you doing this time? I hope that everything went back to normal. It's sad to know that it was damaged even though you just had it a year ago. It seems that it was just slightly damaged though. But it still caused major leaks inside the house. I hope that the insurance was able to shoulder some of the damages.

  4. Hi Joanne,
    Yes, just minor damage really. We were lucky. Still playing the waiting game with the insurance company though.

  5. That storm was really that strong to have caused a lot of casualties. The good news is that, you were spared, unscathed! I hope that by now, your new roof is already installed. What's taking your insurance company to make decisions, by the way?

  6. It's sad to know that just when you needed it the most, insurance companies act like this. Anytime, another bad weather might arise, which can cause an even greater damage to your house. Months already passed by, I expect the waiting game is over by now.


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