26 April 2013

New Patio Door

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Before the recent storm we decided to get a new patio door. The old door was starting to rot on the bottom on the outside and Chloe was chewing it up.

There is so much sun coming through that side of the house and it really heats things up in here. We decided to get doors that have blinds between the glass.

Yesterday the carpenter came to install my new door. I chose a french door.

Here are the before and afters.

You can see in this picture above the beautiful tree in bloom. This is one of the two trees we lost in the recent storm. The walls look yellow, but they are actually Malted Milk. This is the old back door.

This is another view before we put the new baseboard on. You can read more about the baseboard job here.

And these three below are the after pictures. You can see the new baseboard and I have the blinds down in the last picture.

This is just a before and after, side by side to see it better.

Now to get rid of the vertical blinds on the windows and make my roman shades and I'll be a happy camper. 


  1. I love the new door! It's gorgeous!

  2. Thank you Stacie! I'm lovin' it too!

  3. The amount of light coming into a house is always something to consider when getting new doors or windows. While some want more light, there are also cases that need less of it and the heat that comes with it. That said, it's great that you were able to take down two birds with one stone with the new doors. Not only do you have less light and heat, but you also got rid of a rotting and drafty door.

  4. Thanks Terry, I agree! There are a few windows that could use replacing too, one in particular that is getting condensation between the glass.

  5. Your new door looked better now than it did before. It became more lively and warm. Anyway, it's good to hear that you are able to replace your rotting door. Or else, you'd be surprised when you wake up one morning that your door was already torn.


  6. Thanks Rolf, yes much better now!

  7. I love your new door. It adds a touch of elegance to your house. Nothing says classy more than a French door. It's a pity to learn what happened to that tree, though. From this view, it looks pretty and makes for a very lovely view.

    Arthur Bryant @ ContractorExpress.com


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