11 December 2010

Miss Emily Kanzashi Flower

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My newest tutorial has taken me literally weeks to get finished. Of course most of that time I spent saying, "I gotta start on that soon". Sometimes you just get in slumps and it is difficult to pull yourself out of them.

I am in somewhat of a slump right now, probably just worn out getting ready for the holidays. I kinda forced myself to get this tutorial done. I had it to the testing stage about 2 weeks ago and sent it out to a few people to review it. I've had their recommendations for a good week or better. But today I made the revisions and have posted it in my Etsy shop.

I call this one Miss Emily, after my daughter. This tutorial includes a 2nd tutorial that I also sell separately, the Single or Double Layer Flower Tutorial #5. I made Miss Emily using cotton fabric, but you can use synthetic fabric or silk to make it too. This is just my way of making this flower, as it appears to me.

And here are a couple other versions of the same style.

Hope you like them. Thanks for looking!

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