03 August 2010

Crafting With Patience

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Today Patience and I decided to make some quick and easy flower hair clips. She found some artificial flowers at the craft store that she liked so we brought them home.

This is definitely a project she could do mostly by herself so I let her have at it. After all, she is the designer behind my Miss Patience Bag which is for sale in my Etsy shop. And she is 9 years old, I'll have her on a sewing machine before long.

What you need to make the Miss Patience Flower Hair Clip is a small artificial flower, a small scrap of felt, a shiny rhinestone, a snap clip, needle and thread, scissors and glue.

You have to remove the hard plastic parts from the middle of the flower. Then keeping the flower layers lined up, sew the layers together with a couple of stitches close to the middle.

Now glue a small felt circle onto the back of your flower.

Pick out a shiny rhinestone and glue to the center of your flower.

Now glue your snap clip on the back.

And that's all there is to it!

Miss Patience and her flower clip.

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