21 August 2010

Computers, Cameras, & Photos

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I have a definite love/hate relationship with computers and electronics. I'm sure most would agree that it's all something you can't live with and you can't live without. But since I have an online business it's a necessary evil.

I have a desktop computer that runs well, it's dependable, but it is very slow. I definitely need to get a tune-up on that one. I have been using only a desktop computer for a number of years and they have served me well. However, I admit that a couple years ago I was really seeing the need for a laptop. I mean how convenient it would be to sit in bed or a recliner and write blog posts! And what a boost in productivity to be able to tote around a mini workstation. Well needless to say it didn't take much to talk myself into buying one.

That was 2 years ago. During that time my poor desktop was rarely used, it was saved for the big boy jobs that I couldn't use my laptop for because it didn't have this or that particular program. Over the last few months my beloved laptop started showing me signs that it was on its way out.

First my battery AC adapter quit working. It was replaced by the manufacturer. Then it quit again, this time after the warranty expired. I replaced it. Then my wireless card quit. I decided to get an external contraption so I could get online. And all during this time the laptop was making loud noises and getting very hot and I actually had to quit playing Farmville, lol. I bought a fan and it helped some. I also had the forethought to buy some other contraption to back up all my files, which proved to be genius on my part, lol. And then the AC started acting up again until one day when it wouldn't charge my battery at all. So when the battery died, so did my ability to use my laptop.

Decisions, decisions. Should I get this one fixed or put out the money for a new one? I decided to get a new one. I bought a Toshiba and it has Windows 7 on it. That is a new OS for me. And Toshiba is new for me too. So I spent the last couple days getting used to it and putting some files on it from the old laptop. While I was at the store I bought a wireless printer, scanner, copier thing. It's still in the box, though, mainly because I haven't found a spot to put it. I wonder if I could keep it downstairs in my studio and expect it to print out stuff from upstairs. That's a thought I will have to investigate.

I also shopped around for a new camera. I found the Nikon D90 and boy oh boy, that would be nice. But unfortunately it is way out of my business' budget. And besides I am not a professional photographer, I know very little about it actually and I don't think I could ever take pictures worthy of that camera.

I have been working a little on retaking photos for my Etsy shop and I've been doing pretty good, if I do say so myself. I am trying to be very conscious of my background and of lighting. My next hurdle is to get pictures of  live models wearing my items and to have interesting and appealing props. I am not doing to well with that. And actually I am almost to the point of hiring a professional.

Here are some examples of my pictures using live models.

I like the look of the black & white photos and only having the flower in color. I wish I could do that a little better. I am not entirely convinced they make good product photos though. And wow! how difficult it is to take pictures of a bouncing baby.

So I think that is next on the agenda~~a professional photographer. In the meantime I will continue taking pictures of these 2 beautiful models. Thank you Patience and Aurora Sky, you guys are great!!


  1. they are all beautifully taken my fren :) and your products speak for themselves! they are pretty, the colors are attractive and all well made :) and you know what, you don't need a really exceptional camera (of course we ALL want one :) an small auto would do ... after that, use photoshop :) or i prefer the GIMP cos it's free :)

  2. Your pics look Great to me....and as Luthien said your products do speak for themselves...they are beautiful....BTW...your models are tooo cute !!!!!
    I to would love a better camera..but I am still learning to use the one I have...
    Prayers, Bo

  3. Thank you ladies! It's nice to hear from both of you. Thanks for dropping by.


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