06 March 2010

Sleepy Little Town of Pascagoula...and Home Again

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My daughter, Emily, was on spring break this past week! Kinda early don't you think? She had a total of 9 days off and we decided to take a drive down south, way down south, all the way to the gulf. I have been to New Orleans and other southern cities, but I had never been down to the water.
I grew up in southern California and going to the beach was a normal almost everyday (in the summer) experience. Since I moved to Missouri I have missed the beach so much. And the sun! My Emily doesn't remember going to the beach in California and my heart breaks that she hasn't had that experience.
Now temperatures are still chilly even in the south, at least for getting in the water. But that didn't stop Emily. She took off her shoes and rolled up her pants and in she went. She loved it! She loved everything about the area.
I looked at the area a little differently than when I had visited when I was younger. It's funny how you appreciate things more when you are a little older and you find you appreciate different things. I enjoyed the beautiful peaceful calm and the white sand on the beach. I saw a man who looked like he was clamming, do they clam in the gulf? I noticed a strange mix of pine trees, magnolias, and various palm trees. I even enjoyed the storm that we had. We rode that out in our RV and boy howdy the wind was so strong I thought we would tip over.
We drove home yesterday. It was an uneventful drive, but long! And now we play catch-up with what we left behind. Emily has to catch up with friends and she didn't wait too long for that, she went to the movies right after we got home and spent the night with her friends. Me, I needed to catch up on sleep after that long drive and am sitting here this morning in bed with my laptop being lazy.
It was a nice experience but there's no place like home!

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  1. I love the gulf area. I've never actually been in the water there, but I love the way it smells and sounds. I have memories of the sound of that water that I will carry with me until I am dead.

    Thanks for following my blog!

    Sorry it took me a bit to write back.




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