24 March 2010

My Photos

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Today my focus is going to be on the photographs I use in my listings in my Etsy shop and here on my blog. I have a real problem with lighting. I'm sure that's what most of us complain about. I don't get what people say when they suggest use natural lighting. I have tried taking pictures using only the light from outside and I don't think they look good at all! What am I doing wrong. I think the outside light is too stark and takes all the color out of my stuff. I should have taken that photography class I signed up for years ago. :(

I have been looking into getting a light box to take photos inside. Well I think most of them are out of my shop's budget. I think my next endeavor is going to be to see if I can actually make my own light box. I will be searching around on the Internet for some clues on how to do this. And when I get going on it I will be posting the steps here so others can see and use it for their own photos, provided it turns out ok that is.

As always I am open to suggestions from anybody out there who happens to be reading this. I hope to hear from you. Thanks and have a great day.

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  1. there are many elements that affect the outcome of a photo. natural lighting IS the best provided that you get your camera settings just right. i have learnt how to take pictures thru a lot of trial and error too and switching from one setting to another.

    when the light is too much set your ISO lower, it will allow less light to get into your lense and not make the photo too white. there is also the gamma that you can set ... + gamma will make your picture more washed out, that is what you dun want. - gamma will darken your pictures. also use the MACRO ON setting if you are taking close ups of patterns. the pics would come out with more details. finally, check your general setting ... see if the camera is on sunny (generally whiter feel), cloudy (generally warmer feel), flourescent or tungsten. each have their own function and changes the tone of your photos quite a bit.

    even if you get a light box, you will have to set you camera accordingly as well. another plus is to use a photo editing software. when the camera cannot give you the colors and clearness you want, a little editing can go a long way :) hope that helps a little my fren :)


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