08 July 2011

Halter Top Pillowcase Sundress

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This is my newest creation, a collaborative work with my daughter, Crystal. It is a Halter Top Pillowcase Sundress. This little sundress can be made using a pillowcase if you want to or with yardage. It has lots of variation possibilities. I have 2 options pictured here. This first one is a sundress modeled by Crystal's precious Aurora. The next set of pictures is modeled by my other beautiful granddaughter, Patience. She is wearing it as a halter top.

The PDF Tutorial is available at Bumbleberries Boutique and Auroras Patterns. And for a limited time you can choose any flower tutorial in our shops to make into a brooch for your sundress or to make a beautiful headband or clip.


  1. I make those too - aren't they the best bc so versatile?

  2. I love the little girls dress. Come over and see my blog. I would follow but my button won't let ,me. why?


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