24 July 2010

Many Purpose Bags

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I had been working on these bags off and on for a little while. I wanted to make some bags that were not only attractive and functional, but I wanted to create something that had many uses.

I think this Simple Drawstring Gift Bag is a no brainer. You can make this any size and use it for just about anything. I will be making more of these for my good shoes. You can store stuff in them, so many ideas. And, I think they make nice gift bags too.

My Plastic Bag Keeper is kinda neat. I have not fully transitioned to reusable shopping bags entirely so I still have a bunch of plastic bags laying around. But I'm getting there. So I use one of these bag keepers to put them in. They are up and out of the way and the bag is cute too. I also have one that I put cleaning rags in.

My Clothespin Bag is a little different. You can use the tabs to hang it on the line and the wind won't blow it off. I have one in my laundry room for odds and ends, it hangs on a rung of a metal shelf. If you have a little girl with hair scrunchies et c this would be perfect to keep all those in. There's lots of things that you can use this for. I originally made it for clothespins and I have one filled with them. It will hold about 75 pins.

These bags are available in PDF format at my Etsy shop. I have them altogether in a 3 in 1 tutorial.


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