24 January 2010

Pink Etsy Finds

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Take a look at the cuteness here. In honor of my new granddaughter, Aurora Sky, born 12 Jan., I am featuring pink this week.

Crocheted and beaded mini cupcake key chain in pink cotton - Strawberry

Crocheted and beaded mini cupcake key chain in pink cotton-strawberry 

Heart Cookie Felt Pin with Neon Pink Frosting, So Kawaii

Pink Pony Crocheted Purse for Girls Valentine

Bird Nest Tags Set of 10 with pink eggs

Sweetheart Pink Necklace

Sweetheart Pink Necklace

Pink romance flower, 2 hair clips

Pink Romance Flower, 2 hair clips

Check out these wonderful and creative shops. And check back each week for more of my Etsy finds. If you would like to see your items here look for my post on the Etsy promotions forum or email me.


  1. Such pretty pink things! hi from the etsy forum

  2. I love your finds! Hello also from the etsy forums! =) If you need tips on what to blog about I wrote a giant list last night, check it out! =)


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