31 October 2009

Autumn Leaves

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I have finished a set of freehand embroidered felt coasters yesterday and have them listed at my Etsy shop. These are about 4" square with rounded corners. I made them using ECOSPUN®. ECOSPUN® is made from 100% Certified Recycled PET bottles, saving landfill space, natural resources and reducing harmful air emmissions.

I chose some wonderful fall colors like camel, sandstone, gold, orange, cranberry, and grape. There are some colorful fallen leaves and tiny flowers winding around on a vine.

I love working with felt. I love doing this freehand embroidery. I love having a project that I can work on in the evening, sitting in a recliner in the living room. That way I can watch a movie or talk with my family and work on a project at the same time.

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  1. HeartFelt 4 Kids17 April, 2010 10:25

    These are so wonderful. I love the hand work.


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